Want to experience increased confidence around your marketing and communication activity?

Measurable success is how we describe our work and we achieve it by finding clarity and championing simplicity

Want to experience increased confidence around your marketing and communication activity?

There’s an old anecdote which amusingly reminds us that half of all money spent on advertising was wasted, we just never knew which half. Today measurability is a much-trumpeted, key-component of most marketing and communication channels and the results can often mean businesses are swamped with data that leaves decision-makers feeling overwhelmed, confused and paralysed.

Having clarity about your unique message and understanding your particular audience gives you the ability to see who needs to be targeted and what needs to be measured in order to create successful campaigns and outcomes for your business.

Beyond Strategy.

To put a strategy into action successfully requires carefully considered work – the light touch of the heavy-weight experience we bring to our work is often described by our clients, rather magically, as ‘intuition’. It’s our point of difference to combine this ‘intuition’ (and all that that really is) with the specifics of our client’s businesses so that outputs can be delivered confidently and outcomes measured usefully.

So, if you need to drive sales, increase brand awareness, clarify customer buying pathways, raise a profile, realign a brand, reach a new audience, expand a market, present findings, display results, explain an objective or increase customer retention then your primary requirement should be to work with an information designer who specialises in making complex information make sense.

And, pssst, we’re those information designers you need to be working with! Get in touch.

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There’s a great lightness of touch to how GroganShaellDesign work, but don’t let this hide the depth of their thinking or the quality of their experience and knowledge. Their ability to find solutions by paying careful attention to the communication process makes it feel like the answer was hiding in plain sight. For foreigners like the Danes who think we know English very well, it takes a skilled Brit like Alice Shaell to get the full breadth and wealth of the language across giving your written communication an edge and bringing out the small nuances that makes a big difference to the recipients. We are really pleased that GroganShaellDesign are in the Association so that services of this calibre are available to all our members.

Gunnar Larsen, Managing Director, DKUK