Cutting edge fashion show made me ditch England for good.

October 14th, 2015


It’s nearly 8pm on Friday 18 September. The opening game of the Rugby World Cup, England v. Fiji at Twickenham, is about to start and I find myself…. at a fashion show. I have seriously mismanaged my calendar! This is On|Off, brain child of fashion Einstein and Dark Lord of event design Lee Lapthorne. It’s… read more


What the very Dickens is an information designer anyway?

February 10th, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I was stopped dead in my tracks by a piece of tissue paper. I was food shopping at the time and the tissue paper was wrapped around an orange. A blood orange. It was one of the decorative wrappers that fruit growers use to attract you towards their produce in… read more


‘I know this really great designer – she’s really cheap’

December 8th, 2014


The next time I overhear someone say this I think I might get violent. I guess I should stop spending my time crafting blog posts and learn to deliver a killer right hook instead then. Why does hearing this make me want to start hitting people? Because its gleeful assumption that the cheaper you can… read more