95% of our work comes through recommendation. Meaning?

We have a lot of very happy clients!

95% of our work comes through recommendation. Meaning?<

An advocate for your business is a very lovely thing to have, so you can imagine how delighted we are that virtually all of our clients are advocates for our services.

They recommend us not only for the quality, relevance and effectiveness of our work but also for our ability to excavate their core messages, a discovery which invariably leads to successful communication between business and audience.

GroganShaellDesign Creative Director Alice Shaell

Firm Foundations.

GroganShaellDesign founder, Alice Shaell, graduated with Design and Digital Art degrees and, at design studios in London and Sydney, she cut her teeth on some large international brands including: Ferrari, The Ryder Cup, Orange and Elle MacPherson. Her interest in focusing largely on the end-user experience to create better engagement, built the reputation for success she brought with her when she launched GroganShaellDesign 16 years ago.

This championing of end-user perspective, underpinned by solid brand strategy, creative flair and market knowledge are what create the rigour in our design process today. Our experienced and robust process lies behind every brand, every website, every email, every advert, every presentation, every infographic, every piece of copy, every customer journey, every poster, flyer, brochure, line and pixel we produce. And all of it is about helping our clients achieve more.

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GroganShaellDesign are creative, intuitive, thoughtful and persistent in working to produce something which genuinely encapsulates the clear brief they insist on having. I recommend their work, very highly, as often as I can.

Anne Owen, Founder, Anne Owen Leadership Coaching.